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The technology behind FastBraces® differs significantly from that of conventional braces. In traditional braces, the mechanism moves the crown of the tooth during the first year of treatment before moving the root in the following year.

This instrument uses triangular braces with one highly elastic nickel-titanium wire. This design moves both the crown and the root simultaneously, thus shortening the treatment and recovery process from start to finish. Speedier results are achievable because of the process called torquing, which turns the root towards their designated final position from the first treatment. Often, the whole procedure takes a full year to complete; but there have already been cases when maximal results have been highly visible in just three months.

The treatment plan of conventional braces normally last two years on average, moving the teeth in two separate phases during the treatment. For the first year, the main focus of the braces is to move the crown of the tooth into the right alignment. Once the second year begins, so does the next phase, which shifts the position of the root – from its initial, incorrect location to its appropriate destination. FastBraces®, however, function differently. The patented system of this technology employs a specially shaped wire installed to a bracket, which gradually moves both the crown and the root from the start of the treatment.

The difference in the mechanical principle from traditional braces paves the way for the following benefits: less time necessary to wear the device, better protection against tooth decay and other hygiene-related problems, and less sensitivity after the treatment.

Clients who are interested in getting FastBraces can choose between two variants: the standard metal brackets and the Clear™ ceramic brackets.

What makes the design of this technology unique is its elbow design and elevated slot. The bracket’s shape is highly critical because of how it can change the force-flexibility equation to complete the treatment. Traditional braces feature a square shape that marks the distance between each bracket. This measured gap between every bracket dictates the right flexibility of the wire. The difference with FastBraces® is in the patented triangular shape of the brackets. With an elevated slot for each bracket, the wire increases in flexibility along with the increased distance between the individual brackets. These elbows provide tipping and torquing forces down to the root, thus allowing the simultaneous correction of the crown and the root.

This technological breakthrough in braces underwent development with safety as the main concern. Apart from finding a way to straighten teeth in a different manner and speed up the procedure, the welfare of the patient is the top priority. For over 20 years now, FastBraces® have been tested and made available in different countries across the globe. With thousands of treated patients and dozens of university research supporting the technology, FastBraces® go beyond being a fast solution, as it’s also one of the safest methods in correcting teeth.

Indeed, these new braces have continued to revolutionize the orthodontics industry, guaranteeing a lifetime commitment to satisfaction for its patients and the providers who supply it. FastBraces® does live up to its slogan of being fast, safe, and affordable.

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