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Dental Bonding in Houston TX

Dental Bonding in Houston TX

Dental bonding, often known as tooth bonding, is the process of filling tiny chips or fissures in teeth with a soft composite resin. Your dentist can mold the composite resin into any form and finish it to any hue because it is pliable. When they are satisfied with the resin, they use a lamp to cement the bonding.

What is the Purpose of Dental Bonding?

Dentists usually utilize it to fix cracked teeth and crowding issues in aesthetic dentistry. If you have a space between your teeth, dental bonding is a terrific technique to fill it without using orthodontics. 

Filling voids with composite resin is also an option, and they have a more natural appearance than silver fillings.

Dental Bonding Procedures, are They Painful?

Dental bonding is a painless procedure. There will be no need for anesthesia.

Are Dental Bonding Procedures Costly?

Dental bonding is among the most cost-effective cosmetic dental procedures and is one of the reasons it is so common and popular. Dentists attempting to save money will utilize dental bonding for treatments that they shouldn't, such as veneers.  The composite resin used by dentists in dental bonding isn't very durable, and it is prone to cracking and breaking, especially if your dentist is unskilled.

Is There a Possibility to Get Veneers With Dental Bonding?

Veneers are pricey because they are made from more expensive material, making them more aesthetically pleasing and durable. Within a few days, most patients ignore wearing ceramic veneers on their teeth. They're low-maintenance and can persist for a decade or more. Veneers can crack or fall off, but this is uncommon nowadays, thanks to technological advancements.

On the other hand, dental bonding isn't nearly as strong or as attractive. Dental bonding is ideal for tiny fissures or gaps between teeth. It was designed with this purpose in mind by dentists. It was never intended to be a complete dental cover. Dental bonding is used to correct minor flaws.

Ceramic is not malleable enough to be as slender as composite resin. This implies that if you receive dental bonding veneers, your orthodontist may have to remove a significant quantity of enamel, thereby halving the size of the natural tooth structure. The biggest risk of dental bonding is that it will fracture or come off in a few years, leaving you broken and misaligned teeth.


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