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Preventative Dentistry in Houston TX

Preventative Dentistry in Houston TX

Preventive dentistry is focused on taking care of the teeth and gums to ensure your long-term oral health. It includes a range of at-home and professional dental care practices that prevent cavities, gum disease, and enamel wear.

Apart from daily brushing and flossing, preventive dentistry also involves getting your teeth checked professionally every six months. This way, you can ensure that your teeth are clean, white, and strong. 

At The Dental Design Studios in Houston, Texas, our dedicated team offers advanced, reliable, and affordable dental care, including preventive dentistry treatments and procedures. 

Preventive Dentistry Practices 

Here are the main practices preventive dentistry focuses on: 

Brushing Your Teeth Daily
Oral hygiene is a big part of preventing dental issues. You should brush your teeth with a toothpaste that has been certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) as having the correct amount of fluoride. 

You should also replace your toothbrush three to four times per year and not forget to brush your tongue as well, as this helps remove excess oral bacteria and freshens your breath.

Floss Daily
Along with brushing, flossing your teeth is equally important for your dental health. Flossing helps remove food and bacteria from between your teeth and also helps those wearing braces remove food debris stuck between the brackets and the teeth.

Regular Visits to the Dentist
Regularly visiting your dentist is a fundamental aspect of preventive dentistry. You should visit a dental clinic twice a year to check for any problems concerning your gums and teeth and get preventive treatments if necessary. Regular dental visits help lower the risk of severe dental problems and emergencies.

Eat a Balanced Diet
A balanced diet and an appropriate intake of nutrients helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. You should also consider reducing your intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates such as white bread as well as drink enough water throughout the day to maintain your oral health.

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry helps limit the occurrence of dental issues like cavities, gingivitis, or enamel wear. It also reduces your risk of overall health issues including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer.

Children can especially benefit from preventive dentistry. You should start your child’s oral hygiene routine from the moment they develop baby teeth. This will help them develop strong and healthy adult teeth and lower their risk of dental problems in the long run.

For adults, preventive dentistry helps keep natural teeth healthy and prevent the need for complex or restorative dental procedures. Hence, you should consider preventive dentistry for both you and your family. 

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